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An unusual path to academia
Adam's academic path has been unusual. As an undergraduate he double-majored in graphic design and graphic journalism. More detailed education history. Armed with the idea that he really wanted to work in advertising he set out down the road of design and art direction. He figured that without advertising there wouldn't be any cheap or free forms of communication: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, or the Internet. It didn't take him long realize he still had lots of questions about advertising that couldn't be answered through design. So he decided to go to grad school at North Carolina State and get to the root of the problem— communication. He worked full time at a branding agency and spent his nights in the classroom. He went on to earn a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Department of Communication Studies where he taught class on media production, media studies, popular culture, and the core class for the undergraduate major in Cultural Studies. Adam is currently Assistant Professor of Media, Journalism & Film at Miami Univeristy in Oxford, Ohio.

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