I offer help to those trying to understand life's hardships, whether that be a teen struggling with the death of a loved one, divorced parents, or feelings like the odd kid out at school. But it isn't just centered on the youth. Parents, teachers, or councilor trying to reach out to that struggling adolescent have to understand the power of never giving up trying to reach those in need. Life is full of emotions and with a number of reflections I show how it's possible to conquer, reconnect, understand, and move past those moments in life that shake us to our core.

Teens and kids struggle to communicate the emotions that come with trauma because fear of embarrassment, or letting down loved ones, among other things. Parents often get frustrated over their kids/teens constantly throwing up walls and blocking them from helping. I can begin to tear down those walls and get kids/teens communicating what's really going on in their lives.

I am simply a person who cares about others. I'm sharing my life through a motivational talk, a book, a personal philosophy, and writing to help others understand life a little better. I spend my time between being a youth councilor for at risk teens and travel to give these talks at youth shelters, youth homes, youth groups, parents groups, schools, churches, and colleges.